HKIPM and AIPM renewed a long-term Co-operative Agreement

The HKIPM and AIPM cooperative agreement has been signed by Dr Francis Chan, President of HKIPM and Mr David Hudson, National President of AIPM on 9 Oct 2012 at the Gala Dinner of AIPM National Conference 2012 in front of more than 700 Project Management Professionals. This agreement is a long term cooperative agreement and benefit to both parties and their members.


HKIPM and AIPM renewed 5-yr Co-operative Agreement

HKIPM has signed a new co-operative agreement with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) on 14 October 2008.  Our President, Mr. Samuel Ho, traveled to Canberra, Australia, for the signing of this agreement and at the same time representing HKIPM to attend the AIPM Conference 2008.  Mr. Ho has a good discussion with AIPM National President, Mr. Bill Young, on future co-operation between the two Institutes.  One of the common objectives is to organize the Asia Pacific Forum in Project Management in the near future.

HKIPM and AIPM agreed to (among the others):

  • recognize the categories of membership of the other party so that a person can join both organizations at the same level if they have met the entry criteria established by the first organization.

AIPM National President, Mr. Bill Young, and HKIPM President, Mr. Samuel Ho, signing the Agreement 
AIPM National President, Mr. Bill Young, and HKIPM President, Mr. Samuel Ho, signing the Agreement


HKIPM and AIPM Co-operative Agreement

The Hong Kong Institute of Project Management and the Australian Institute of Project Management has signed the Co-operative Agreement in Alice Spring, Australia Nov 2003. The purposes of this Agreement are to increase and enhance the co-operations and communications with AIPM through the exchange of knowledge and regular conferences, seminar and meetings. There is also an agreement that HKIPM¡¦s member is able to enjoy a subscription fee discount of AIPM and vice-versa.

Under this agreement, HKIPM is form a member of the Asia Pacific Federation for Project Management (APFPM), amongst 16 countries work to achieve the goal of ¡§Globalization of Project Management¡¨ leading by AIPM. For more details, please contact us at


AIPM National President, Dr. Neveen Moussa signing the Agreement
HKIPM President, Mr. Jacky Tsang signing the Agreement