Tony MA, Program Director, University of South Australia

Project management has emerged because of the demand from various stakeholders for the development of new methods of management. It has been perceived by many organizations that management-by-project can provide them with powerful tools that improve their ability to plan, implement, and control the activities within the framework of time, cost and quality. Meredith and Mantel (2000) highlighted that there are three driving forces for adopting project management:

  1. the exponential expansion of human knowledge;

  2. the growing demand for a board range of complex, sophisticated, customized goods and services; and

  3. the evolution of worldwide competitive markets for the production and consumption of goods and services.

All the above three forces combine to mandate the use of teams to solve problems and used to be solved by individuals. Therefore it leads to the need for a better management system to control both the outcomes and processes. Because of these driving forces, it also leads to the demand for:

  • changes in managing organisations
  • competent project managers in terms of their academic qualification, training and their assessment
  • recognition of project management as a distinct profession

In Australia, the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is leading the interests of the project management profession in the region with the vision for project management to be recognised as the preferred process for achieving objectives at all levels across industry, government and the community.

Advantages of Project Management
According to report from literature and experience, they indicate that the majority of the organisations received better customer's satisfaction and project outcome with shorter development time and lower costs.

Problems with Project Management
Project management is not problem-free. The project managers live in a world of various stakeholders and are confronted by conflicts. The initiation of projects will definitely compete with functional departments for resources and it is not surprising to learn that project management may result in greater organisational complexity.

Meredith J.R. & Mantel S.J. (2000), Project Management - a managerial approach, chapter 1 p1-12, 4th edition, John Wiley & Sons

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